Stretch into Spring – new yoga class begins

A NEW yoga class for complete beginners is to start at the Govind Health Centre in Earlsdon, Coventry, on Thursday, April 19, 2018, at 7.45pm.

This class is suitable for people of any age and ability who are new to yoga as well as for those who have studied before  but who would like to study a gentle, awareness-based form of integral yoga, right from the start.

Satyananda Yoga is excellent for people who would like to learn how to:

  • keep their bodies supple, strong and mobile into old age
  • breathe correctly and efficiently
  • relax deeply
  • improve their sleep quality
  • manage emotions and anxiety

Contact Caroline Prichard on 0774 337 6690 for details on how to book.




Yogic studies course in Hungary

Beginners and longer term practitioners of the Satyananda Yoga system who want to develop greater self-discipline and self-knowledge are invited to study and explore key elements of the tradition in Yogic Studies 1 (YS1) at The Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe in Hungary. The primary focus of the system is to develop deeper awareness through personal experience and self reflection. For more details visit:

Closing date for applications is January 31, 2017. Contact if you would like to talk to a former student on the course.

Classes at Yogic Life begin again in Earlsdon on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. Choose from yoga for stress management, beginners yoga, very gentle yoga or continuers yoga. For details phone Caroline Prichard on 07743376690.

 — Caroline Prichard

Time to choose your yoga class for this academic year

This term classes are as follows:

Tuesday at 1pm – general beginners


Tuesdays at 7pm – people who have been studying Satyananda Yoga for a year or more.


Wednesdays at 1pm – seated yoga for people who find it hard to get up and down from the floor


Wednesdays at 6.15pm – general beginners


Wednesdays at 8pm – stress relief for beginners


Beginners classes are open to alll

To discuss your individual needs contact Caroline on 07743376690

Free monthly yoga for people with cancer

A FREE monthly yoga class will be available to patients with cancer at The Arden Centre,  University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire from September 15, 2016.

The class will run from 10am on every third Thursday of the month and will be taught by Satyananda teacher Caroline Prichard.

Yoga is an integrated system for balancing and harmonising all aspects of the being – body, mind, breath, emotions, psyche, and spirit. When this balance has been disturbed by serious illness, practising yoga can help to restore it. It encourages the development of inner resources to help deal with a life-changing illness, unfolding the qualities of self-awareness, resilience, stability, trust, clarity, and courage that help us to meet life’s challenges and to use them as opportunities for growth and change.

How can yoga help?

Yoga can help to strengthen the immune system.

*       breathing exercises improve respiration, relieve tension, and restore balance and calm.

*       simple movements increase energy levels, help to remove toxic waste, and enhance the functioning of our internal organs and systems.

*       relaxation calms the nervous system, quiets turbulent emotions, and alleviates the anxiety and stress which depress immune functioning and hinder healing.

*       meditation develops the detachment and clarity that enable us to acknowledge and accept the realities of cancer, and to manage our fears and concerns.

For further information contact Julia Biggs, Macmillan radiotherapy specialist on 02476 96 7290.

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